Yellow Loveless: Japanese My Bloody Valentine Tribute Album

In addition to this year’s Shoegaze Festival 2013, High Fader Records has another gift for shoegaze fans in the form of a My Bloody Valentine tribute album titled “Yellow Loveless”. The album is a reconstruction of the band’s quintessential shoegaze album “Loveless” performed entirely by Japanese artists. Among the bands on the CD are Lemon’s Chair (High Fader’s head man Masashi Imanishi’s band), Tokyo Shoegazer, and Japanese indie-rock legends Shonen Knife. The album will be released on January 23rd along with a Lemon’s Chair/Tokyo Shoegazer split-single titled “Japan shoegazer as only one” and will be available at select Tower Records locations throughout Japan.

Yellow Loveless track list

1. Tokyo Shoegazer – only shallow
2. GOATBED – loomer
3. The Sodom Project – touched
4. Lemon’s Chair – to here knows when
5. Shonen Knife – when you sleep.
6. Tokyo Shoegazer – i only said
7. AGE of PUNK – come in alone
8. Boris – sometime
9. Shinobu Narita – blown a wish
10. Lemon’s Chair – what you want