2/18 Shoegazer Roundup: Shoegazer Fest pt. 2, New Shelling Album, Tokai Shoegaze

Need More Japan Shoegazer Festival

The 2013 Japan Shoegazer Festival went brilliantly and rode the wave of shoegaze madness brought about by My Bloody Valentine’s tour of Japan.  It was really nice to have a local supplement to the monumental event and it seems that we’re going to be treated again.  My Bloody Valentine will return to Japan in May for the Tokyo Rocks event, and it appears now that so too will the Shoegazer Festival.  Masashi Imanishi revealed the “Japan Shoegazer Festival Extra” that will take place on Saturday, May 4th (at Koenji HIGH in Tokyo) and Saturday, May 18th (at club vijon in Osaka).  This makes perfect sense as Tokyo Rocks is set for May 11th.  There aren’t any details as far as what this “extra” event will be exactly.  All we know is that Masashi is planning something to further appease the shoegaze community.

Shelling’s New Album and Video

Shelling’s new self-titled album will be released this Wednesday, February 20th, under White Paddy Mountain.  The band have recently released a music video of one of the tracks on the new album titled “Floating Area.”  If this song is any indication, this album is going to be something special.

Tokai’s Got Talent

As a resident of the central part of Japan and an avid music lover, it is sometimes frustrating to constantly see wonderful events in Osaka and Tokyo, while Nagoya often gets left behind.  One would think that the location, somewhere right between the two largest cities in Japan, would be a great spot to draw an audience.  Boasting a number of venues and it’s own seemingly diverse music scene, Nagoya needs more love.  One of Muso Japan’s goals for the year is to pull together some of Nagoya’s fine indie and shoegaze artists.  Wouldn’t a Nagoya Shoegaze Festival be a great thing?  We want to try to help make it happen.