Twitter: @shelling_info

Genre: Dreampop, Shoegaze, Sherbet Pop.

For fans of: Daydreaming, being wisped away to fantasy worlds, Thrushes


Aya (Vocals, Guitar, DTM, Music & Lyrics)
Shota (Guitar, Synth, Mastering)


Shelling are a Tokyo-based self-proclaimed “Sherbet Pop” duo consisting of Aya and Shota. Aya, a veteran of the shoegaze scene having worked with various artists, is the primary songwriter as well as the vocalist. Shota provides the live instrumentation in addition to running the synths and mastering the tracks. The band’s sherbet pop sounds incorporates the floating sensation from ambient genres, the coldness of electronica, and the dreaminess of shoegaze. The product is a whimsical soundscape over which Aya’s soothing vocals are draped.

The band released four songs on a split single alongside IROTTO+ titled “Before Time Melts”. The 2010 High Fader records split featured songs previously released on their self-titled E.P. The band released their first full album – also self-titled – in February of 2013. They have been a mainstay in the shoegaze scene in Japan, featuring at events like the Japan Shoegazer Festival.

Muso Japan’s Thoughts: Shelling are one of the more truly inspiring bands in the Japanese shoegaze and dreampop world. Their sound is deep and dreamy and easy to be carried away in.