Glasgow’s Lamppost Records – Global Shoegaze


Over the last year there has been a lot of evidence that shoegaze is re-emerging as a popular genre in Japan, as well as all over the world.  Sure, it’s never really gone away, but thanks to My Bloody Valentine’s resurrection this year and all of the anticipation, the global shoegaze scene is booming once again.

Lamppost Records is a new Glasgow-based DIY label focused on showcasing the globe’s finest up-and-coming shoegaze artists.  Founded by members of The Cherry Wave, Lamppost has just put out its first release – a 4-track shoegaze compilation titled Under the Wildflowers Volume 1: A Lamppost Records Compilation.  The CD features one track by the Cherry Wave as well as songs by Beach Volleyball (London), Shallow (Arizona), and Fluorescent Tiger (Alabama).  The album is currently available at bandcamp as a “Pay-What-You-Like” release, though really the quality of the music is well worth a few bucks if you’re willing to part with it for a good cause.

In addition to managing releases by The Cherry Wave, Lamppost is looking to put out some more compilations featuring artists from different countries.  Though primarily a shoegaze label, Lamppost features noise and psychedelic sounds as well as “pretty much anything that’s fuzzy”.  They are looking for acts that fit the bill for future volumes of Under the Wildflowers.  It’s my hope that the next edition will feature some artists from Japan.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to future releases from a label with a brilliant mission to globalize shoegaze music.

To listen to and/or purchase Under the Wildflowers Volume 1 please visit the Bandcamp page here: