Muso Planet’s Newest Contributor: Jairo Manzur

Muso Planet aims to be a truly global music magazine, and to date I have tried to reach out to every corner of the world to get info on a lot of great artists.  There are some difficulties, however, not the least of which is the size of the planet and the amount of talent that exists.  Another such issue is the language barrier that can exist when trying to contact or simply gather information on artists.  I am fortunate to be a native speaker of a language that is widely compulsory in education systems, though it can’t always be relied upon.  It is because of these reasons and more that I am happy to announce that Jairo Manzur of Latinoamerica Shoegaze (whose interview can be read in Muso Planet volume 2) is signing on as a regular contributor to Muso Planet.
Jairo’s Latinoamerica Shoegaze blog is an outstanding resource on music in the region, and his wealth of knowledge will be an asset to Muso Planet.  Being a native Spanish speaker, Jairo has already helped a ton with contacting artists and relaying important bits of information that is far beyond the capabilities of whatever remains of my middle to high school Spanish education.  There is a lot of quality music being made in Latin America and I look forward to reading Jairo’s input on his field of expertise in future issues of Muso Planet.

Jairo’s first contribution will be a preview of some exciting releases coming out of Latin America in the upcoming months and will be included in Muso Planet volume 3.