R.I.P. Sea Dweller

Given the lack of recent activity, it is no surprise that Italian shoegaze outfit Sea Dweller has announced that it will be no more.  The band’s guitarist, Paolo, made the announcement on the Sea Dweller Facebook page and posted a link to a nostalgic live version of “She Whispers” recorded at an intimate gig some years back.  The individual members will still be active with their other projects (Cristiano’s CYMBLS, and Paolo’s My Violent Ego).  It really is a shame that Sea Dweller just seemed to lose steam after having done a lot over the years to build a reputation as one of the most promising artists in the global shoegaze scene.  Still, best of luck to Paolo, Paola, and Cristiano in the future.  Here is a screen shot of Paolo’s post:

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 7.28.01 PM