Muso Asia Playlist 001

The first episode of Muso Asia aired on 10/22 on DKFM, and here is the list of what I spun.  Had a ton of fun doing the show and I am looking forward to the second episode which should air in early November.
Burrrn – “Song Without Words”
Dive – “Breaking Over You”
cigarette in your bed – “Darkness”
Magic Love – “Growing Organism”
Forsaken Autumn – “Wallow”
Vidulgi OoyoO – “Siren”
Kinoko Teikoku – “Whirlpool”
THE EARTH EARTH – “Morning Rain”
Supercar – “Lucky”
TuT – “Send Me” (Demo)
me in grasshopper – “himawari”
The Florist – “Middle of Winter”
Juvenile Juvenile – “Forget Me Soon”