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Ame no Naka no Uma (雨の中の馬)

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Ame no Naka no Uma (雨の中の馬)

Matthew Bedford

Ame No Naka No Uma (taken from the title of a Murakami Haruki short story, meaning 'The Horse in The Rain') is a shoegaze band from Osaka.    The band formed as a solo project in 2010, and released its debut nowhere e.p. in 2014, with a follow-up 3-track titled heart released in 2015.  Both releases were made available via free netlabel Kiiro Records, whose 2014 compilation album Forever Shoegaze2 also included a track by Ame No Naka No Uma.  Their sound combines elements of shoegaze and post rock, fuzzy and droning over light electronic rhythms.  

In 2015, the band's founding member (also known as Amenonakanouma) joined forces with ex-neutrinos member sugoi_inu to form a new alt-rock project called Utopia Corridor.