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Shun Tanabe - "March of Ghosts"


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Shun Tanabe - "March of Ghosts"

Matthew Bedford

I'm willing to argue with anyone that the Japanese Shoegaze Group on Facebook is the best place for discussion on the topic.  Through the group people are not only able to introduce bands to a pretty sizable community, but plenty of artists in Japan have a dedicated platform through which they can get their own music out to an eager and thoughtful audience.  The most recent gem to be discovered here is the solo project of one Mr. Shun Tanabe.  

Tanabe - whose Soundcloud profile simply mentions that he's a company employee who records when he finds the time - quietly released a couple tracks online over the last month or so.  "Standing on the seashore" is more of a chilled out, dreamy piece and it's pleasant enough, but "march of ghosts" is a track that got my attention from the first chord.  It's a sweet, somewhat melancholy track with nice space compliments of a warm, ambient backdrop wafting around simple, strummed acoustic guitar chords.  

It appears that this is about the extent of what Tanabe plans to do with the project, but as long as he continues to put out music like this I'll be listening.  At the moment he's just got the two tracks, but there will be some more soon so stay tuned and give him a follow on Soundcloud.