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Juvenile Juvenile - "Perfect Lies"


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Juvenile Juvenile - "Perfect Lies"

Matthew Bedford

In the Japanese indie scene, the mingling of indie pop and shoegaze is something that happens pretty frequently.  The former has been riding a steady wave of popularity for a while now, and the latter is oft-misunderstood but nevertheless enjoying an ever-growing resurgence of its own.  These two genres, vague as they may be, are a perfect marriage.  However, like a lot of bands who dabble in shoegaze, there are plenty who scoff at being called a shoegaze band.  In situations like these, we just slap on the "dream pop" tag and voila, tricky genre debate averted.  Osaka has consistently produced top notch indie pop bands in recent years, so its no surprise that it's also the home of Japan's finest dream pop band.  The foursome is as good as anyone at creating jangly pop tunes and drowning them in reverb and hazy background noise.  Their latest mastery of the style has come in the form of a new single titled "Perfect Lies".  

"Perfect Lies" is one track off the upcoming double A-side 7-inch single - the opposite side is titled "Planet Heaven" - that was announced last week.  It will be the band's first single release, and first new music since 2014s Our Great Escape album (which, for what it's worth, topped my best releases of the year list).  The single, which will be released on August 10th in clear blue vinyl via Flake Records, was produced by The Bilinda Butchers' Michal Palmer and will be accompanied by a bonus CD featuring remixes by Jesse Ruins and Teto 2.  

"Perfect Lies" is a pretty, thickly layered, melancholy track, consistent with the vibes of the ultra-dreamy "Just Like You Do" from Our Great Escape.  The most attractive element of Juvenile Juvenile's sound is the depth that they create, not only with their big, lushly layered guitars, but with frontman Masami Tsuchiya's breathy vocals.  What they lack in edge (only mentioned here because of my general affinity for the super loud) they more than make up for in their desire to fill every last square inch of space with sound.  On "Perfect Lies" they do just that, even keeping the leads that normally carry their tunes a bit more subtle.  Juvenile Juvenile is back at it, and I'll be looking forward to hearing "Planet Heaven" in the near future.

There's not a whole lot of info on where the single will be available, but be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for more info.  And if for some reason you haven't heard their previously released music, you can find it on Juvenile Juvenile's Bandcamp page.