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Japan Shoegazer Festival '12 Announced

Matthew Bedford

The weather is going to start warming up over the next couple of months and in preparation for the summer all of the major music festivals both in Japan and worldwide are getting ready to make their big lineup announcements.  FujiRock got things rolling early by unleashing some musical big-guns and Summer Sonic recently announced an underwhelming, but nevertheless big-name lineup for their 2012 festival. One festival that certainly won't match the star power of the aforementioned music festivals, but surely will provide exceptional quality, is the just-announced Japan Shoegazer Festival 2012.  The show is being organized by Japanese shoegaze label High Fader Records in conjunction with various other labels throughout the country and will feature some of the best artists and DJs in Japan.

Japan Shoegazer Festival will be a two-night event, being played at Koenji HIGH in Tokyo on 4/21 and at club vijon in Osaka on 4/28.  The Osaka event will be followed by "Electric Fuzz", an after-party headed by Tokyo's DJ Manabu and High Fader Records' own Masashi Imanishi.

One note on the High Fader/Lemon's Chair blog is that these shows will branch out and feature some non-shoegaze bands as well.  Looking at the lineup though it should definitely be something to look forward to.  There are also expected to be some changes and new announcements in the coming weeks so I will do my best to keep them coming.

Entry to the Tokyo show will be 3,000yen in advance or 3,500yen at the door.  For the Osaka show it will be 2,500/3,000.  The Tokyo event will start at noon and the Osaka event at 2pm.

For more information on specific bands check out Lemon's Chair's event blog.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page there will be links to music or videos for each of the bands on the bill.  Otherwise for non-Japanese speakers follow Muso Japan on twitter (@musojapan) or Masashi Imanishi's Japanese twitter (@HIGH_FADER) for more information as it's released.

The lineups for Japan Shoegazer Festival 2012 are as follows

Japan Shoegazer Festival 2012 - Tokyo - Koenji HIGH (4/21)

Lemon's Chair(Osaka) (featuring Masashi Imanishi of High Fader Records) Aureole Bertoia clione-index(Osaka) dario inner bug kanina moskitoo PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSET PLASTICZOOMS The 2nd colony shelling 死んだ僕の彼女 (My Dead Girlfriend) 少女スキップ (Shojo Skip) sugardrop Tokyo Shoegazer (members from Plastic Tree, Kara, Acid Android, etc)

DJs manabu(ELECTRIC FUZZ!!) AOKI(My Bloody Valentine NIGHT) hisao(Daydream Wonder) 黒田隆憲[シューゲイザーディスクガイド] mitsuko strange[Oeil] (friend of Muso Japan!) NORIKA[My Bloody Valentine NIGHT]

Japan Shoegazer Festival 2012 - Osaka - club vijon (4/28)

Lemon's Chair kanina(Tokyo) speaker gain teardrop(Hiroshima) Flower Triangle(Hiroshima) boyfriend's dead PURPLE(Kyoto) kuramitsuha clione-index RESTALONE EUPHRATES Shetland Sheepdog

DJs manabu(ELECTRIC FUZZ!!) AOKI(My Bloody Valentine NIGHT)(Tokyo) NORIKA(My Bloody Valentine NIGHT)(Tokyo) MORIKAWA(Fastcut Records) gonzaresu[daphne.](Gifu) maiko shee(High Fader RECORDS)