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Japan Shoegazer Festival '13

Matthew Bedford

The start of 2013 is an exciting time for shoegaze fans in Japan. Shoegaze icons My Bloody Valentine will spend almost a week in Tokyo and Osaka as a result of the original three dates selling rather quickly. While this is the lead story of shoegaze happenings in the country, High Fader Records has been working hard to prepare shoegazers throughout Japan for the big event with another installment of the Japan Shoegaze Festival. The Festival will again have dates in Tokyo and Osaka. The first leg of the event will be on Sunday, January 27th at club vijon in Osaka's Kita-Horie area. The second leg falls on Saturday, December 9th at Tokyo's Kichijoji Club Seata. As the My Bloody Valentine tour will be going on on the 7th, 8th, and 10th of February in Tokyo, the Festival will make sure that shoegaze fans won't have to take a day off.

The Osaka show in particular looks to have received a major boost compared to last year, offering a more substantial lineup including this year's headliners, Tokyo-based "cruyff in the bedroom". Returning to the Osaka leg of the festival, from Hiroshima, Speaker Gain Teardrop will be supporting cruyff in the bedroom, along with the stars of the show Lemon's Chair.

The Tokyo leg again boasts a strong lineup, headlined by Tokyo Shoegazer. In addition to some great shoegaze band, there will be an electronica stage headed by Age of Punk and featuring one of my favorite artists Shelling.

This year we will be attending the Osaka show and we couldn't be more excited. For more information on the event please check out Lemon's Chair's site or follow them on twitter and of course follow for updates. Below are the details of each show courtesy of Lemon's Chair (

1/27 Osaka Shoegaze Festival 2013 - club vijon
osaka Open: 12:00 Start: 12:30. Tickets-2300adv/2800door +500. Timetable 12:30 OPEN 13:00 ~ 13:25 古庭千尋(O.A) 13:40 ~ 14:05 The Somedays 14:20 ~ 14:45 シリカゲル 15:00 ~ 15:25 ウタカタ 15:40 ~ 16:05 ether feels 16:20 ~ 16:45 musubore (Tokyo) 17:00 ~ 17:25 EUPHRATES 17:45 ~ 18:10 Flower Triangle (Hiroshima) 18:25 ~ 18:50 Fragile 19:05 ~ 19:30 Magdala (Tokyo) 19:45 ~ 20:10 Lemon's Chair 20:25 ~ 20:50 speaker gain teardrop (Hiroshima) 21:05 ~ 21:30 cruyff in the bedroom (Tokyo)

Tokyo Shoegaze Festival 2013 - kichijoji CLUB SEATA
tokyo Open: 12:00 Start: 12:30 Tickets- 3000adv/3500door +500 Timetable 13:00 ~ 13:20 My Dead Girlfriend 13:30 ~ 13:50 Meme 14:00 ~ 14:20 sugardrop 14:30 ~ 14:50 花とワルツ。 15:00 ~ 15:20 inner bug 15:30 ~ 15:50 flannel (Nagoya) 16:00 ~ 16:20 dario 16:30 ~ 16:50 shelling 17:00 ~ 17:20 PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSET(Iwate) 17:30 ~ 17:50 kanina 18:00 ~ 18:20 speaker gain teardrop (Hiroshima) 18:30 ~ 18:50 Magdala 19:00 ~ 19:20 Shojo Skip 19:30 ~ 19:50 Flower Triangle (Hiroshima) 20:00 ~ 20:20 Lemon's Chair (Osaka) 20:30 ~ 20:50 AGE of PUNK 21:00 ~ 21:20 cruyff in the bedroom 21:35 ~ 21:55 Tokyo Shoegazer