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A Global Noise Magazine

Muso Asia Playlist 002

Matthew Bedford

Here is the playlist for Muso Asia episode 2 which aired on 11/5/2014 on DKFM.1. PLASTICZOOMS - "Pale Spectre" 2. Astro Attack - "Twilight" 3. Pastel Blue - "Breeze Breath" 4. skip skip ben ben - "Parking" 5. Paint in Watercolour - "You Are Here" 6. Aysula - "Lay Down Your Feathers" 7. Thud - "Lime" 8. Oeil - "Myrtle" 9. Sharesprings - "Jasmine" 10. Manic Sheep - "You Lie, You Choke the Rules We Trust" 11. Say Sue Me - "One Week" 12. magic love - "Growing Organism" 13. Ether Feels - "Morning Star" 14. G-Ampere - "Teardrop" 15. 水中図鑑 (suichuu zukan) - "飛び込め" ("Tobikome")