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Muso Asia Playlist 004


A Global Noise Magazine

Muso Asia Playlist 004

Matthew Bedford

From broadcast #4 of Muso Asia on DKFM which aired on December 3rd in the US/December 4th in Japan.   1. The Majestic High - "See Her Fall" 2. Paint in Watercolour - "The Sweetest Sugar" 3. Oeil - "Myrtle" 4. Looprider - "Farewell" 5. TuT - "You Got Me When I Stare At You" 6. Cigarette in your Bed - "Killer Song" 7. Cruyff in the Bedroom - "Loves and Lights" 8. For Tracy Hyde - "Shady Lane Sherbet" 9. Luminous Orange - "Walkblind" 10. Seaside - "Giggle and Blush" 11. Boyz & Girl - "Kiss Me Blind" 12. 溶けない名前 (Tokenai Namae) - "幽霊少女は八月を殺す" ("Yuurei shoujo wa Hachigatsu wo Korosu") 13. sphere - "Hope" 14. きのこ帝国 (kinoko teikoku) - "Eureka"