Lemon’s Chair

Lemon’s Chair

Lemon's Chair - コピー

Homepage: http://white.ap.teacup.com/lemonschair/

Twitter: @HIGH_FADER

Genre: Shoegaze, Post Rock

For fans of: Noise, Mono, Mogwai, Cocteau Twins


Masashi Imanishi (Guitar)
Kondo (Drums)
Yuko (Guitar)


Lemon’s Chair was formed in 2002 as an instrumental “acid rock” three-piece featuring Masashi Imanishi and Yuko on guitars and Ryo on drums.  As time passed the band’s sound transformed into the minimalist shoegaze/post-rock blend that has since been a staple of the Japanese shoegaze music scene.

The band began to publish music actively beginning in 2009, having appeared on a compilation album for American label Series Two Records.  Later that year, on Masashi Imanishi’s own High Fader Records, the band released a split album with monocism title “high shoegazer”.  The following year the band released it’s first full album “I hate?  I hope?” while also appearing on a Rocket Girl Records compilation alongside Ulrich Schnauss and A Place to Bury Strangers.  In 2011, Lemon’s Chair took part in the “The Light Shines into your Dreams” compilation in aide of the earthquake relief efforts.  The shoegaze/dreampop charity album also featured My Bloody Valentine.

In 2013, Lemon’s Chair played a major role in the release of “Yellow Loveless”, a tribute to the quintessential My Bloody Valentine record.  The band submitted two tracks for the album: “To Here Knows When” and “What you Want”.  Released alongside the tribute album was “Japan Shoegazer as Only One”, a split single with fellow genre-mates Tokyo Shoegazer.  These releases coincided with not only the 2013 My Bloody Valentine tour of Japan, but High Fader Records’ Japan Shoegazer Festival.

While Lemon’s Chair are always accompanied by a “who’s who” of Japanese shoegazer outfits, the band have an impressive international resume.  Among the overseas acts they have performed live with in Japan are Ringo Deathstarr, Ulrich Schnauss, Sad Day for Puppets, Chapterhouse, and Spectrum.

Masashi Imanishi and Lemon’s Chair’s role in the Japanese shoegaze community has been very highly-regarded.  In addition to their contributions as a band, they are very active in organizing events such as the annual “Japan Shoegazer Festival” and the indie-music showcase “High Fader Night”, as well as offering services to shoegaze bands.

The band have slated the release of their second full album for the summer of 2013.

Muso Japan’s Thoughts: Lemon’s Chair are deservedly given a lot of credit for their contributions to shoegaze music in Japan.  Their recordings are most definitely worth checking out, but their live show is a must-see.  If you like extremely loud, beautiful music then do yourself a favor and make it out to one of their events.  Masashi Imanishi and Yuko work brilliantly together on guitars, while Kondo is a very very impressive drummer. Their tracks tend to be quite long, which works out brilliantly as each song builds up in it’s own way.


2/18 Shoegazer Roundup: Shoegazer Fest pt. 2, New Shelling Album, Tokai Shoegaze

Need More Japan Shoegazer Festival

The 2013 Japan Shoegazer Festival went brilliantly and rode the wave of shoegaze madness brought about by My Bloody Valentine’s tour of Japan.  It was really nice to have a local supplement to the monumental event and it seems that we’re going to be treated again.  My Bloody Valentine will return to Japan in May for the Tokyo Rocks event, and it appears now that so too will the Shoegazer Festival.  Masashi Imanishi revealed the “Japan Shoegazer Festival Extra” that will take place on Saturday, May 4th (at Koenji HIGH in Tokyo) and Saturday, May 18th (at club vijon in Osaka).  This makes perfect sense as Tokyo Rocks is set for May 11th.  There aren’t any details as far as what this “extra” event will be exactly.  All we know is that Masashi is planning something to further appease the shoegaze community.

Shelling’s New Album and Video

Shelling’s new self-titled album will be released this Wednesday, February 20th, under White Paddy Mountain.  The band have recently released a music video of one of the tracks on the new album titled “Floating Area.”  If this song is any indication, this album is going to be something special.

Tokai’s Got Talent

As a resident of the central part of Japan and an avid music lover, it is sometimes frustrating to constantly see wonderful events in Osaka and Tokyo, while Nagoya often gets left behind.  One would think that the location, somewhere right between the two largest cities in Japan, would be a great spot to draw an audience.  Boasting a number of venues and it’s own seemingly diverse music scene, Nagoya needs more love.  One of Muso Japan’s goals for the year is to pull together some of Nagoya’s fine indie and shoegaze artists.  Wouldn’t a Nagoya Shoegaze Festival be a great thing?  We want to try to help make it happen.





Twitter: @shelling_info

Genre: Dreampop, Shoegaze, Sherbet Pop.

For fans of: Daydreaming, being wisped away to fantasy worlds, Thrushes


Aya (Vocals, Guitar, DTM, Music & Lyrics)
Shota (Guitar, Synth, Mastering)


Shelling are a Tokyo-based self-proclaimed “Sherbet Pop” duo consisting of Aya and Shota. Aya, a veteran of the shoegaze scene having worked with various artists, is the primary songwriter as well as the vocalist. Shota provides the live instrumentation in addition to running the synths and mastering the tracks. The band’s sherbet pop sounds incorporates the floating sensation from ambient genres, the coldness of electronica, and the dreaminess of shoegaze. The product is a whimsical soundscape over which Aya’s soothing vocals are draped.

The band released four songs on a split single alongside IROTTO+ titled “Before Time Melts”. The 2010 High Fader records split featured songs previously released on their self-titled E.P. The band released their first full album – also self-titled – in February of 2013. They have been a mainstay in the shoegaze scene in Japan, featuring at events like the Japan Shoegazer Festival.

Muso Japan’s Thoughts: Shelling are one of the more truly inspiring bands in the Japanese shoegaze and dreampop world. Their sound is deep and dreamy and easy to be carried away in.


Kinoko Teikoku release new video. New album “eureka” coming 2/6.

One of my favorite Japanese bands Kinoko Teikoku is still going strong. They wrapped up 2012 at the massive Countdown Japan year-end event and are getting ready for the release of their new full-length album “eureka”. On January 17th, the band released a new music video of the title track (watch below).
The album is slated for a February 6 release and will be available at stores for 2,520 yen. The track list is as follows:

07.Another Word

The band have announced dates in support of the album:

3/13 Kanazawa vanvanV4
3/15 Fukuoka graf
3/27 Sendai PARK SQUARE
3/30 Chiba LOOK
4/6 Yokohama F.A.D
4/19 Osaka club vijon
4/20 Nagoya club Rock’n Roll

Here is the video for “eureka”. Enjoy!

Yellow Loveless: Japanese My Bloody Valentine Tribute Album

In addition to this year’s Shoegaze Festival 2013, High Fader Records has another gift for shoegaze fans in the form of a My Bloody Valentine tribute album titled “Yellow Loveless”. The album is a reconstruction of the band’s quintessential shoegaze album “Loveless” performed entirely by Japanese artists. Among the bands on the CD are Lemon’s Chair (High Fader’s head man Masashi Imanishi’s band), Tokyo Shoegazer, and Japanese indie-rock legends Shonen Knife. The album will be released on January 23rd along with a Lemon’s Chair/Tokyo Shoegazer split-single titled “Japan shoegazer as only one” and will be available at select Tower Records locations throughout Japan.

Yellow Loveless track list

1. Tokyo Shoegazer – only shallow
2. GOATBED – loomer
3. The Sodom Project – touched
4. Lemon’s Chair – to here knows when
5. Shonen Knife – when you sleep.
6. Tokyo Shoegazer – i only said
7. AGE of PUNK – come in alone
8. Boris – sometime
9. Shinobu Narita – blown a wish
10. Lemon’s Chair – what you want

Japan Shoegazer Festival ’13

The start of 2013 is an exciting time for shoegaze fans in Japan. Shoegaze icons My Bloody Valentine will spend almost a week in Tokyo and Osaka as a result of the original three dates selling rather quickly. While this is the lead story of shoegaze happenings in the country, High Fader Records has been working hard to prepare shoegazers throughout Japan for the big event with another installment of the Japan Shoegaze Festival.
The Festival will again have dates in Tokyo and Osaka. The first leg of the event will be on Sunday, January 27th at club vijon in Osaka’s Kita-Horie area. The second leg falls on Saturday, December 9th at Tokyo’s Kichijoji Club Seata. As the My Bloody Valentine tour will be going on on the 7th, 8th, and 10th of February in Tokyo, the Festival will make sure that shoegaze fans won’t have to take a day off.

The Osaka show in particular looks to have received a major boost compared to last year, offering a more substantial lineup including this year’s headliners, Tokyo-based “cruyff in the bedroom”. Returning to the Osaka leg of the festival, from Hiroshima, Speaker Gain Teardrop will be supporting cruyff in the bedroom, along with the stars of the show Lemon’s Chair.

The Tokyo leg again boasts a strong lineup, headlined by Tokyo Shoegazer. In addition to some great shoegaze band, there will be an electronica stage headed by Age of Punk and featuring one of my favorite artists Shelling.

This year we will be attending the Osaka show and we couldn’t be more excited. For more information on the event please check out Lemon’s Chair’s site or follow them on twitter and of course follow for updates. Below are the details of each show courtesy of Lemon’s Chair (http://white.ap.teacup.com/lemonschair/)

1/27 Osaka Shoegaze Festival 2013 – club vijon

Open: 12:00 Start: 12:30. Tickets-2300adv/2800door +500.

12:30 OPEN
13:00 ~ 13:25 古庭千尋(O.A)
13:40 ~ 14:05 The Somedays
14:20 ~ 14:45 シリカゲル
15:00 ~ 15:25 ウタカタ
15:40 ~ 16:05 ether feels
16:20 ~ 16:45 musubore (Tokyo)
17:00 ~ 17:25 EUPHRATES
17:45 ~ 18:10 Flower Triangle (Hiroshima)
18:25 ~ 18:50 Fragile
19:05 ~ 19:30 Magdala (Tokyo)
19:45 ~ 20:10 Lemon’s Chair
20:25 ~ 20:50 speaker gain teardrop (Hiroshima)
21:05 ~ 21:30 cruyff in the bedroom (Tokyo)

Tokyo Shoegaze Festival 2013 – kichijoji CLUB SEATA

Open: 12:00 Start: 12:30 Tickets- 3000adv/3500door +500

13:00 ~ 13:20 My Dead Girlfriend
13:30 ~ 13:50 Meme
14:00 ~ 14:20 sugardrop
14:30 ~ 14:50 花とワルツ。
15:00 ~ 15:20 inner bug
15:30 ~ 15:50 flannel (Nagoya)
16:00 ~ 16:20 dario
16:30 ~ 16:50 shelling
17:00 ~ 17:20 PLASTIC GIRL IN CLOSET(Iwate)
17:30 ~ 17:50 kanina
18:00 ~ 18:20 speaker gain teardrop (Hiroshima)
18:30 ~ 18:50 Magdala
19:00 ~ 19:20 Shojo Skip
19:30 ~ 19:50 Flower Triangle (Hiroshima)
20:00 ~ 20:20 Lemon’s Chair (Osaka)
20:30 ~ 20:50 AGE of PUNK
21:00 ~ 21:20 cruyff in the bedroom
21:35 ~ 21:55 Tokyo Shoegazer

My Bloody Valentine Night vol. 8 – 2/18

The annual Tokyo event “My Bloody Valentine Night” is coming up, with 2012 marking the eighth installment. This tribute to the Irish shoegaze pioneers will feature a live act and a number of DJs spinning shoegaze and alternative music with My Bloody Valentine tracks naturally being woven in throughout the night.
The event will take place at Bullet’s in Tokyo’s Nishiazabu district on February 18 and starts at 8:00. It is ¥2000 to enter, but if you bring chocolate or wear pink or red to the show you’ll get ¥500 knocked off the entrance fee.

The list of performers is as follows:

Live Performance by inotsume takeshi.

noriko (POiSON GiRL FRiEND)
シューゲイザーディスク ガイドDJs (佐藤一道(monchikon)&黒田隆憲(音庵)
die-o(in the clouds)
ueda(pop it)
miyazaki (Hacienda with love!)
Jun (mighty pop)
hitch (eguri)
DJ エメラルド
manabu (ELECTRIC-FUZZ!!)

For more information follow the event’s twitter account at

What is the Muso Project Japan?

The Muso Project was created with the goal of finding hidden gems of Japanese music and showcasing them for likeminded individuals. For people outside of Japan the most accessible genres of Japanese music tend to be J-Pop and J-Rock, many artists of which are discovered through anime programs or various conventions. Muso identifies that there are indeed those who seek bands outside of these genres, but are often unable to due to the lack of non-Japanese resources. The purpose of this project is to hopefully build a bridge connecting the world of local and independent Japanese artists to the audience that seeks it. Though not limited exclusively to these genres, the focus of the Muso Project will be on the strong shoegaze, post-rock, indie-rock, indie-pop, shibua-kei, and other forms of alternative music scenes that exist in Japan today. To do so, the Muso Project will strive to expose you, the music fan, to the some of the wonderful aspects of the Japanese music world.