Muso Asia Playlist 004

From broadcast #4 of Muso Asia on DKFM which aired on December 3rd in the US/December 4th in Japan.
1. The Majestic High – “See Her Fall”
2. Paint in Watercolour – “The Sweetest Sugar”
3. Oeil – “Myrtle”
4. Looprider – “Farewell”
5. TuT – “You Got Me When I Stare At You”
6. Cigarette in your Bed – “Killer Song”
7. Cruyff in the Bedroom – “Loves and Lights”
8. For Tracy Hyde – “Shady Lane Sherbet”
9. Luminous Orange – “Walkblind”
10. Seaside – “Giggle and Blush”
11. Boyz & Girl – “Kiss Me Blind”
12. 溶けない名前 (Tokenai Namae) – “幽霊少女は八月を殺す” (“Yuurei shoujo wa Hachigatsu wo Korosu”)
13. sphere – “Hope”
14. きのこ帝国 (kinoko teikoku) – “Eureka”

Skip Skip Ben Ben Japan Tour, Split EP, and Japanese LP Release

Taiwan’s Ben Ben Lin, founding member of Skip Skip Ben Ben has been busy with a number of announcements recently, the first of which was that she will be touring Japan in November.  Her band came to Japan in the spring and this time around she will be performing solo in the tour that will consist of five shows in four cities.  Accompanying her on the tour, aptly called “Two People from Taiwan” will be fellow countryman Hom Shenhao.

The second bit of news came from Tokyo’s fast rising indie label Hands and Moment, who will be releasing Skip Skip Ben Ben’s album Sacrifice Mountain Hills on October 22nd.  The album, which features some brilliant artwork by Chou Yi, was previously released by Maybe Mars is absolutely worth checking out if you haven’t had a chance already.

The most recent news out of Ben Ben’s camp was the release of a limited edition split 7″ featuring SSBB and Hot&Cold.  The limited edition vinyl is available in black and white via Chicago-based Gary Records’ Bandcamp page.