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Upcoming Releases

Cruyff in the Bedroom 「Fuzz Me!!!」
7:00 PM19:00

Cruyff in the Bedroom 「Fuzz Me!!!」

The proclaimed Kings of Japanese Shoegaze will be releasing their second EP of the year on 11/29.  The follow up to this summer's "Laurelei" will be titled "Fuzz Me!!!" and will follow the same format - two new tracks and a remix of each, totaling four tracks.  For the time being it will only be available at the band's live events.  The release party will be held at the November edition of Total Feedback at Koenji HIGH in Tokyo.

  1. Fuzz Me!!!
  2. kill for love
  3. Fuzz Me!!! (remixed by Francis)
  4. kill for love (remixed by The Florist)


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12:00 AM00:00

Tokenai Namae - タイムマシンがこわれるまえに

Nagoya kayou kyoku shoegazers Tokenai Namae (溶けない名前) will be releasing their debut full-length album タイムマシンがこわれるまえに (English:  Before the Time Machine Breaks).  The album will include all brand new tracks.  Pre-order for the CD is available at Tower Records (International shipping is available).


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